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Discover Chihuahua

The city of Chihuahua is the Capital of the State with the same name, located at the northern part of the country, bordering with the USA states of Texas and Arizona. The city has a very irregular form due its located inside a valley surrounded by several mountain ranges.

If you visit Chihuahua, you have to plan the activities you wish to do and travel in the most convenient season, because the weather in Chihuahua is really extreme, due its geographic location in the edge of the dessert the temperatures are very contrasting, in summer 100°F and in winter normally 19°F.

Even the snow is a very sporadic event. There are, average, two days with snow per year, but can be years without snow and other with even six days with snow on the coldest months (December – February), ideal if you want to see snow landscapes in the surroundings. When April arrives, the hot day starts but the nights are still with frozen temperatures due the cold fronts from the north, so even if it’s hot don’t forget to pack your coat. From May to June are the hottest months with temperatures up to 100°F; the rainy months are from July to September with storms and hail so the outdoors activities are not recommended on this season. In October the weather starts changing, but the high temperatures remain on the afternoon and in November start the frozen temperatures.

The weather in Chihuahua is an important factor when you decide the way to get to this beautiful city. If you choose to come by air, the Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport is waiting for you, but we have to mention that for security protocols during hailstorms and snow some flights might be delayed.

Another popular option is by Railroad, because the city is the initial point of the Railroad Chihuahua-Pacífico, also known as “Chepe” (by its acronym Ch-P), and its destination is Los Mochis, Sinaloa. In its journey passes several Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns). This tour is one of the most beautiful train trips in the world and attracts tourists from all five continents. This way of traveling is recommended in every season of the year, so you can see snow landscapes of the northern Mountain Range or in summer you do some nature tourism.

Once you get to Chihuahua you can notice the influence of several cultures in the city and this is very marked on its gastronomy, from fast food to the traditional norteña cuisine like discada, potato soup with cheese and quesadillas with 100% Amish cheese; also a very traditional dish for special celebrations is carne asada.

Chihuahua has a wide cultural heritage, with several museums of all kinds from Arts to Science and Technology. As some traditional festivals like Feria del Hueso (Bone Fair) due the day of the death celebration and the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The historical center hosts some of the most beautiful buildings of México, like the Cathedral, Government Palace and Federal Palace. In this area there is also a big amount of museums, churches, parks, restaurants, souvenirs stores and colonial buildings of spectacular beauty. Downtown is a pedestrian area, a single day won’t be enough to visit all its attractions!



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